Assuring yourself that your cash flow will be as forcasted is paramount. The old adage that cash is King will always prevail

We work with you so that your costs and or revenues will be as expected (everything else being equal)


We're a group of finance executives with various expertise. We're here to help all of our corporate clients singularly manage their foreign exchange risk exposure. Our goal is to understand well what is at risk and manage it with each client's financial institutions (which we do not replace).

At FX Corporate Concepts Inc we understand that managing foreign exchange exposures can be a daunting and uncertain task, especially in today's economy and volatile financial markets. 

There are many difficult questions: what exposures exist, what to hedge, when to hedge, for how long, the impact of the hedge, and many many more. Thanks to our rock solid bank and corporate experience we have very successfully helped corporate clients, for the last 17 years, answer these questions and manage their foreign exchange risk exposure (on balance sheet or income statement) thereby bringing certainty to  results (everything else being equal)

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Fx Corporate Concepts inc Manage Foreign Exchange Exposure For Importers Or Exporters

Cash flow certainty !

Who are we?

What Really Matters

No surprising losses !

We will help you with all the key issues associated with your currencies of choice whether you are an importer or an exporter. FX Corporate Concepts Inc is dedicated in managing your currency risk to minimize or eradicate the potential losses.

At FX Corporate Concepts Inc our associates expertise covers bank and corporate treasury management, interest rate and currency trading, risk management, asset/liability management, restructuring, process improvement, business development, relationship management, capital raising.

Michel Gaudette (President)

President, chief strategist and forecaster (G7: interest rates and currencies) for FX Corporate Concepts Inc. Michel gained successful and valuable expertise early in his career as head of trading and sales (bonds and foreign exchange markets) for a large investment bank. He not only constantly passed revenue objectives, but increased the bank's standing in the Greenwich and Brendan Woods surveys. He is also a past senior executive of a large foreign bank in Canada. To round up his skills and expertise, he moved to the buy side as President of the financial arm, and corporate treasurer, of the Canadian operation of a large multinational. That gives him an additional level of needed expertise to assist corporations in the management of their treasury and banking functions. He then founded FX Corporate Concepts to fill the void between banks and small to large corporations

Geoff Harltey (V.P. Ontario),

Andre Goyette (V.P. Quebec)

Protect margins, growing profits

Hedging is being used more and more.